Party with the Railroad

Bring the Party to Us!

Choose from our everyday menu or have us create all special dishes just for your event!

Summer finds us roasting a pig and serving on the private deck out back, the winter, summer and fall find the party still in full swing.

The Power Plant Grilled Cheese - If you dare!

The Limerick Power Plant Grilled Cheese

Whether you are a regular or this is your first visit, the RailRoad can get your party Party at the Rail Roadon! Like to have a nice surprise party for someone?

We have plenty of room, great food, a fun place to make a memory!

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Great Place!

May 13, 2011 - Likes it The railroad is one of those rare taverns that has it's own personality. Whether it is the vintage charm of an 1800's hotel, or the staff that was from day one friendly and inviting, this is a nice place to come in and unwind. They have over 150 beers in stock, plenty of Craft Beers in the bottle and on tap. The food is a notch or three above the normal bar fare and they are always coming up with new and out of the ordinary specials. In the short time I have been going to the RailRoad I have noticed plenty of regulars and plenty of new faces that have become regulars. If your in the Royersford / Limerick / Phoenixville / Pottstown area, this is a place you need to try, and maybe become a regular yourself.

Party at the Rail Road Street Bar and Grill

Now that is one beautiful Rack!

Ribs at the Railroad

Or We can Bring the Party to You!

You invite the guest, we bring all the food, the plates, the silverware (oh ok, its more like plasticware, but you can still have a good time with it!).

Create your own menu or order from out standard fare.